Esperanza wins Pony Tour

Esperanza wins Pony Tour

Harriet Stock’s EB Esperanza may have come from a rather interesting background but today the South Island combination headed off many of the nation’s top duos to take the honours in the Pony Tour Final.

The 17-year-old from Ashburton has had the pony for just two years. 

“He has such a big heart and will do anything,” she said. The combination only stepped up to Grand Prix level this season, in Harriet’s last year on ponies.

“To win is just amazing,” she said. “He tried so hard – some parts were a bit rough but we got through. We came to Takapoto for the experience and took turns in the jump-off I never thought we would but it all went to plan. He is just amazing. I am a bit in shock.”

Harriet is trained by Gendie Askin who she says has been an integral part of her journey along with her “long suffering” family, and particularly her mum Mary-Anne, who live through her pony obsession.

Twenty-six started the class with just six coming back for the jump-off. The top three all finished the class with clean slates – Harriet coming home in 41.03 seconds, with Tyla Hackett (Waiuku) and the well-performed The Dreamer in 41.55 and Keira Page (Waiheke Island) on Redcliffs Colour Me In stopping the clock at 43.5.


  1. Harriet Stock (Ashburton) EB Esperanza (owned by Harriet Stock)
  2. Tyla Hackett (Waiuku) The Dreamer (by Galaxy Spring Fever, out of Babalon – owned by Tyla Hackett)
  3. Keria Page (Waiheke Island) Redcliffs Colour Me In (crossbred – owned by Kate Hewlett) 
  4. Brooke Hawthorne (Cambridge) Easy As (by Co Cheze, out of Leah – owned by Brooke Hawthorne)
  5. Peita Milne (Nelson) BG Lennox (St James – owned by Mark Milne and Jenny McIntyre)
  6. Dan Harkerss (Kaikoura) Cocamo (stock horse cross – owned by Dan Harkerss) 

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