Eventer Stars in Bronze Final

Eventer Stars in Bronze Final
Bundy Philpott (pictured) may be known best as an eventer but today she and Tresca NZPH smoked the field in the BTW Bronze Tour Final at Takapoto Estate Show Jumping.

Forty combinations started with eight coming back for the jump-off over the Eryn Duffy-designed course where Bundy and her 5* eventer were 4.3 seconds clear of the opposition.

“I think all eventers should go showjumping – a big part of eventing is about jumping a clear (showjumping) round,” says Bundy, who has competed at both Badminton and Burghley. “I love the (showjumping) shows.”

Her goal today was just to give him a good ride. “Our main targets are still eventing,” she says. “I certainly didn’t come here with expectations of a prize.”

Bundy says she was very fortunate with the draw. “Being last to go in the jump-off which dictated what I had to do. I train with Jeff McVean and what he says goes . . . and it worked.”

Bundy opted to do the Bronze Final over the APL Anne Symes Derby, which included some cross country fences. “I am scared of derbies,” says Bundy. “They make me very nervous – they either go really great and you win or you crash . . . there is no in between!”

She’s had Tresca NZPH for 11 years. “I know him inside and out – you just don’t get an easier or kinder horse than him.” Together they have competed at the Adelaide 5*, and last year won the 4* at the Land Rover Horse of the Year Show which they will be back to defend next month.

“I would really like to give him another shot at 5*, wherever in the world that may be,” says Bundy. Over the next few weeks she will make some decisions around whether she heads offshore to compete. “There is no better jumper or more honest horse out there but dressage is not our forte. As long as we keep increasing those percentages then that’s good.”

Results –

BTW Bronze Tour Final: Bundy Philpot (Cambridge) Tresca NZPH 1, Georgia Massie (Dannevirke) Loose Change 2, Jeremy Whale (Cambridge) Bannockburn ECPH 3, Jonathan Paget (Taupo) Green Eggs and Hammer 4, Emily Hayward (Te Awamutu) Yandoo Lady Gold 5, Leeshelle Small (Ramarama) AMS Dolce NZPH 6.

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Photos by Eye Witness Images and words by Diana Dobson