Scopey Blue Gives Sophia Two from Two

Scopey Blue Gives Sophia Two from Two
Sophia Blackbourn made it two from two this afternoon backing up her win in the BTW Bronze Tour with victory in the Scania Copper Tour Qualifier just a class later.

The 15-year-old steered her quirky grey LT Holst Zalato Blue (pictured) to a comfortable win, heading home 88 other combinations with two seconds grace ahead of runner-up Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) aboard Domasco with Emily Ramsden (Auckland) and L’Orame third.

“My plan today was to practice jump-offs, not to beat others, so to win was pretty great. I wasn’t expecting that,” said Sophia, “especially after just winning the other one the class before. He has never won a class with a jump-off before.”

Sophia says Blue has the personality of a Labrador with the attention span of a toddler really. “As soon as we go through the flags he doesn’t put a foot wrong but in prizegivings he just can’t stand still.”

And he is mischief at home too, chewing everything he can get hold of, ripping his covers and trashing his feed bins. “But he is just so sweet and always so goofy.” It also helps that he is so scopey. “He feels very powerful when I ride him, has an amazing canter and scopey jump.”

The horse has been very consistent in the six-year-old series classes this season too. “I have only just started putting pressure on him and I think he coped really well today, rising to the occasion well.” She’s confident the horse will only continue to get better as he matures.

Sophia only switched to showjumping three years ago after many years competing in dressage. “Mum always thought my jumping was a phase but I have no plans of going back to dressage.”

She was hugely thankful for the support of her sponsors and parents.

Results -

Scania Copper Tour Qualifier 1: Sophia Blackbourn (Cambridge) LT Holst Zalato Blue 1, Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) Domasco 2, Emily Ramsden (Auckland) L’Orame 3, Isabelle Saxton (Pukekawa) Double Shott 4, Aimee Collinson (Auckland) Oporaes Jackamoe 5, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Benrose Casino ECPH 6.

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Photo by Cornege Photography, words by Diana Dobson