Trophy best work of Artist

Trophy best work of Artist

Artist Nicola Lewis considers herself blessed to have found a pathway that feeds her soul.

She’s the first to admit it sounds a little funny but quick to add that when you’re on the right path, things just fall into place. “Then it all felt very natural.”

She’s talking about her move from being a chief financial officer of an international company to an artist. It sounds a big jump, but art is in her blood. Her father Rick Lewis is renowned for his work and mother Sharon Delany also “immensely talented”.

“It does run in the family,” says the Cambridge-based mother of one who in 2012 quit her high-flying job and moved to Ireland to train under her father for a year. “It changed me.”

Her loves of horses also helped when it came to the little quirks and details so necessary when sculpting animals. “I feel I have a knack for picking up characteristics.”

As a child Nicola loved her father’s bronze of Sir Tristram so it seemed fitting Zabeel was her first sculpture. “I thought it would be cool to do,” she said. “All those years of watching my father paid off!”

Then Kate and Mitch Plaw approached her to do a trophy for the Gold Tour winner at Takapoto Estate.  “It is my best work yet and am just super pleased with how it turned out.”

The bronze trophy is Takapoto Estate rider Samantha McIntosh aboard her stallion Check In 2 jumping the Takapoto T.

“That modern logo and detail of the horse and rider work so well together,” says Nicola.

And seeing the reaction of the Plaws was a huge boost.

Kate is ecstatic with the trophy. “It is perfect in every way,” she said. The trophy will remain at Takapoto Estate to be awarded each year.