Information for Competitors



2021 Winter Series Dates:

July 23rd - 25th

August 13th - 15th


Takapoto Classic 2022

February 21st - 27th 


Some important information about the facility and how we run the shows. 




Cashless Show:


We run as a cashless show, you will only be able to pay for things using Eftpos or a Credit Card.




Please note that the show office is now located behind the riders bar. Please report there upon arrival to collect your wristbands and for all other information about classes, the schedule and facility offerings. See updated map at bottom of homepage.


If you have not purchased wristbands for everyone in your team, you can do so at the office.  Everyone will need a wristband to stay on the grounds.


Stabling lists will be sent via email prior to arrival to all shows and we will have a physical list up in the office.



Feed & Hay:


Dunstan are offering hay and feed delivery throughout the February show. Forms can be found here. There will be forms at the office as well.


Shower Cards:


These will be available for purchase at the office. These are $20 and you will receive a $10 refund when you return your card. 


Food & Beverage Info:


The café next to the Riders Bar will be open daily from 7am – 4pm


The Riders Bar opening hours:

The Riders Bar will be open between 11am - 10pm Friday - Sunday during show weekends. 


The Bellevue Marquee opening hours:

The Marquee hours will be dependant on the type of show. It may not open during smaller shows.  

Food Trucks:


There will be rotating food truck options each day to ensure a variety of other food.


Social Events:


Tickets to any social events can be found on


Alcohol License:


Under no circumstances can you bring your own alcohol in to our licensed area (beyond truck park). Alcohol will be confiscated as this jeopardises our license and therefore the entire show. If you have alcohol in your trucks, it must be consumed in the vehicle.


Resource Consent Limitations:


Due to our Resource Consent there is to be no truck parties. If you are involved in any truck gathering and noise gets out of control you may be asked to leave the grounds and you may not be able to compete. Unfortunately council have been really strict with us on this so please help us to keep the noise under control.


Dogs onsite:


As much as we love dogs, as per previous years, this is a dog free show.


General Housekeeping


Our team are working tirelessly to keep the grounds and in particular the sand arena tidy and well groomed. This is challenging when manure is left. It holds up classes as our tractor drivers are having to jump in and out to collect manure. Please tidy up after your horse.


Please muck out your stables at the end of the show. I’m sure someone in your life has taught you to leave things as you found them. We would really appreciate that here at Takapoto as well.